Timing Within – Company Featured at NBC CT Health & Wellness Festival 2013

What an incredible experience! The Timing Within booth at the NBC CT Health & Wellness Festival 2013 was a huge success.

Hundreds and hundreds of attendees visited the booth to demo samples of Mindscape Meditation and speak to me about the company. The Sony Professional Headphones giveaway was a hit! Congrats to the lucky winner.

One of my goals for this event was to surround myself with potential clients who I believe I can help, but what surprised me was the advice I received in return! I’ve since used that information to improve sections of my website such as adding a new FAQs page! Will it work on my iPad? Find out…

I met so many business owners, some even in my town, and set up some really promising meetings to discuss possible joint ventures. My products are already helping local businesses, high schools, sports clubs, yoga studios, spas, beauty salons, doctors and dentist offices…

Timing Within -NBC CT Health & Wellness Festival 2013If you’d like to learn about the alternative relaxation and stress management workshops and classes I teach, feel free to contact me – Bruno Batista – anytime.

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Thanks Anthony J. Wiggins, NBC Connecticut Account Manager, for helping feature Timing Within at the NBC CT Health & Wellness Festival 2013.


Soothing Relaxation Meditation Soundtrack – Timing Within

Just pop in a 6-minute Mindscape Meditation soundtrack — an alternative approach to RELAXATION, STRESS MANAGEMENT, or LACK OF ENERGY… with no adverse effects!

Each soundtrack guides you through a 2-step process automatically and effortlessly: Deep Relaxation (step 1) PLUS Energy and Motivation (step 2).

I work with local schools, businesses, sports teams, and anyone looking for a natural solution to stress-relief with no adverse effects. One of my products is Mindscape Meditation — 100% safe soothing music I write designed to help you break through the clutter and mental fog that’s holding you back, while giving you an instant boost in energy and motivation to overcome any obstacle. – Bruno Batista

Download this soundtrack FREE | Timing Within | http://timingwithin.com/

Mind Fitness and Brain Aerobics – Your Most Valuable Asset is Your Mind

In the near future, “Brain Aerobics” and mind fitness is going to be part of everyday life just like physical exercise today.

We all know that our brain is like a muscle – a muscle you never really trained. Mind fitness is even better than going to the gym.

Instead of becoming ADAPTED TO – as is the case with Read more

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