December 10, 2012 Bruno

Mind Fitness and Brain Aerobics – Your Most Valuable Asset is Your Mind

In the near future, “Brain Aerobics” and mind fitness is going to be part of everyday life just like physical exercise today.

We all know that our brain is like a muscle – a muscle you never really trained. Mind fitness is even better than going to the gym.

Instead of becoming ADAPTED TO – as is the case with gym equipment – you will become ADAPTABLE so you can face any obstacle with the confidence that you can overcome it.

“Your most valuable asset is your mind.” – Bruno Batista

Mind fitness is not about brain exercises such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or any other mind training games. Although these help keep the brain sharp, it is in challenging the brain to learn new things NATURALLY that cell growth is encouraged.

The belief that there is nothing we can do as adults to strengthen brain functioning is false. Our brains do not stop growing after childhood. Brain cells are capable of making new connections and actually growing, no matter our age. We can CHOOSE to continue to make new brain connections until the day we die.

Challenge yourself. Choose to become a lifelong learner.

Why are you looking for answers outside yourself?

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